About Bazell Technologies

We Bring it All Together

Founded in 1983, Bazell Technologies® from the beginning has been focused solely on the continuous clarification of process liquids used in a wide range of manufacturing industries without the use of consumable filtration media. At that time, the “Green Revolution” in manufacturing had yet to occur but it was obvious that the manufacturing world was preparing for major change. Our goals are simple:

  • Maximize the useful life of process liquids.
  • Minimize the volume of waste for disposal while pursuing innovate ways to recycle waste byproducts.
  • Optimize the performance of manufacturing processes for higher quality and better yield.
  • Automate as many routine maintenance functions as practical.

A substantial part of our business is the manufacture of fluid clarification systems for OEM’s in key market sectors across a broad range of industries. Our goals:

  • Understand our partner’s processes to create the best possible solution and to evolve our products in response to evolution of theirs.
  • Use only proven mechanical and electrical design criteria in combination with the highest grade materials and components.
  • Prompt and comprehensive reaction to the OEM and end-user needs.

We invite you to challenge us with your requirements. The success of our customers and partners defines ours.