Self-cleaning Microseparator® modules include the centrifuge, structural mounting platform for placement over a waste drum or container, and PLC electrical control package. The modules are ideal for adaptation to existing fluid reservoirs and processes. All Microseparators® are built with 304SS enclosures and are available with rotor assemblies in aluminum and carbon steel or all 304SS wetted surfaces. Electrical control packages can be customized to meet plant standards and local codes (UL/CSA/OESC/CE) as well as integration of peripheral system devices (pumps, valves, temperature control, chemical metering, etc.).

Automatic Machine Modules


Flow rate: 15 gpm (56 lpm)
Rotor volume: 1.2 gal (4.5 l)


Flow rate: 25 gpm (95 lpm)
Rotor volume: 3.75 gal (14.2 l)


Flow rate: 50 gpm (190 lpm)
Rotor volume: 6 gal (22.7 l)