Manual Centrifuges

Since 1983 we have been guiding our customers through the process of selecting the optimum solution for their fluid clarification needs. The information available on our website is meant to be an overview of the many possible solutions we offer. Data alone will not always lead to the best solution. Rather than just relying on specification sheets, we welcome the opportunity to review your process in depth and make our best recommendation. Our focus is always on your requirements and how best to integrate our technologies with your application – not the other way around.

We’ve been doing this long enough that we are able to tell you right away if our technology is proven for your application. If not, we will be happy to provide an alternative recommendation more appropriate for your application.

Over the years we have built hundreds of systems for OEM’s and end users alike – each tailored to their unique process requirements. For best results we would appreciate the opportunity to review the specifics of your application. Take a few minutes and complete the Applications Data Sheet here to get started or simply call us at 800.288.2465 or email .

Our manual clean Microseparator® centrifuges are commonly used for applications with low solids removal requirements of < 10 gal/8 operating hours. Three classes of products are offered in two model sizes – CF50 Series and CF80 Series:

Unit Operations

Centrifuge only – build your own system


Skid packages for existing systems (portable or fixed)


Microseparator plus tank, pumps, and peripheral devices

CF50 Series

Flow rate: 12 gpm (50lpm)
Solids holding space: 1.75 gal (6.6 l)

CF80 Series

Flow rate: 25 gpm (100 lpm)
Solids holding space: 3.0 gal (11.3 l)