Microseparator® manual centrifuge systems are built to suit the customer requirements from a library of numerous typical designs. Extensive customization is possible to suit the customer requirements for fluid volume, footprint, flow and pressure requirements for the supported process, temperature control integration features, and electrical controls to support all supplied devices. For OEM’s, custom product identity is also possible.

Typical System Designs


Flow rate: 12 gpm (50 lpm)
Rotor volume: 1.75 gal (6.6 l)
Tank volume: 55 gal (208 l)


Flow rate: 25 gpm (95 lpm)
Rotor volume: 3.5 gal (13.2 l)
Tank volume: 150 gal (568 l)


Flow rate: 50 gpm (190 lpm)
Rotor volume: 7 gal (26.4 l)
Tank volume.: 240 gal (908 l)

Haas Systems

Tank volume: 80 gal (302.8 l)
Centrifuge – see relevant CF55 or CF85 SD specification sheet