SLUGFest 2017

SLUGFest 2017: The future of optical manufacturing is here

See how Satisloh’s new Lab 4.0 program reshapes optical manufacturing.

In many manufacturing industries, companies are now able to compete with off-shoring while at the same time increasing quality, speed, and flexibility. Programs like Industry 4.0 merge industrial infrastructure with the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and a high degree of automation to create “smart factories.”
Satisloh’s Lab 4.0 brings Industry 4.0 to optical.

At SLUGFest 2017 you’ll experience –

  • The first Lab 4.0 manufacturing facility in action –  built from the ground up, delivering real jobs

  • Exciting new products for labs of all sizes

  • Technical and business seminars

  • Guest speakers, networking opportunities, and hands-on training

November 9-11,
Dallas, Texas